Digital Marketing For Dentists

Gone are the days when dentists just had to graduate from college, open a practice and put a sign above their door, and patients would come in their droves…These days its about catering to Generation XYZ through Constant Communication, Being Social, Going Digital, Sharing, Posting, Liking and Going Viral! It’s hard to keep on top of for experienced Marketers never mind the average small business owner or dentist.

But never fear, because Dental Marketing International are here to guide you and help you succeed! With 20+ years of experience and sound advice garnered from over 10 years working exclusively with dentists on their marketing. We can show you and your team, what to do, what not to do and how to succeed in the world of digital marketing for dentists.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Advertising

The market leader in terms of search engines traffic with a share of nearly 90% is unsurprisingly Google.. This means that 9 out of 10 people in many countries worldwide use Google to find things on the web, including dental services and products. As part of their ‘Free’ search engine directory service, Google also offer you the opportunity to be the ‘sponsored or paid’ business, for a certain set of keywords. For example ‘Dental Implants, London’ or ‘Orthodontics, Manhattan’.

For a fee, You can purchase these keywords through the Google advertising bidding system, and create ads that show up when people search for certain keywords. You pay for these keywords and ads through a PPC system, so that every time someone clicks on your ad, you get charged €0.10 to €20 depending on how competitive the market is…..

Prominent Local Map Listing / Google My Business

Another ‘Free Service’ provided by Google is Google My Business, where you can acquire a free map listing for your dental office. This listing gives you a marker on the worldwide online interactive map that Google has created. So anyone with a smartphone or other device, can go onto Google maps, enter the name of your office, and Voila…’Ruairi’s Dental Office’ shows up…along with handy directions by foot, by car or public transport. This map listing also has a useful ‘Reviews’ feature, so your patients can review your dental office online, for everyone to see, good or bad!

Organic Website Ranking

The word ‘Organic’ gets bandied around a lot these days, organic food, organic relationships, an organic experience, it can be confusing, because for most people, organic refers to the source of certain foods from the ground. But in digital marketing circles, it also refers to the organic listing of your website, or where it ranks in the natural order of things. There are many factors that influence the organic ranking or position of your website including length of time it is live, how well its built, how easy it is to index, how popular it is, how much traffic you drive to it, or how much you spend on promoting your domain….

Google My Business (GMB)

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