Get ❤️ Social With Your Patients!

In these fast moving times its hard to know whether you should be tick tocking, facebooking, tweeting or Instagramming! Don’t be confused by the terminology or many experts out there, who will promise to make you ‘go viral’ or become an ‘Influencer’ for your industry. These platforms are just methods of communication, most of them broadly similar, on which your patients have accounts. While these platforms are ‘free’ for people to use, the creators/owners use the personal data and preferences of the users, to target them with customised ads. These ads are bought by businesses just like yours, to reach out to local patients who are searching for dental services on the Facebook platform.

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Did you know there are over 2.7 Billion Monthly Active Users of Facebook?

Show your patients that you are open to communication, and willing to engage with them on their terms and platform. Its a proven fact that people are more receptive to messages in a casual environment, when they are relaxed, and will respond better, instead of feeling like they are being sold to…

Most practices use Facebook as a starting point when creating a social media presence, as its easy to use and chances are some of the staff have personal accounts already. Facebook also enables you to share text, images and videos of various sizes, so you have several options to choose from. You can use their extensive analytics tools to see how many people are viewing your posts and engaging with them.

What can we do for you?

We can help you properly set up your Facebook page, with the right size cover image, logo and business information. Our team can co-manage your page for the first 6 months, demonstrating how to use the platform and what you should post to engage your patients. We can teach you how to respond to standard queries, turn enquires into appointments and structure your messages throughout the year to coincide with your busy and quiet times.

Many of our clients have gained a significant number of new patients from FB, having been contacted by private message through their page. The main benefits of having a FB page include relatively low cost maintenance and advertising tools and a significant established community.

If you are interested in discussing the opportunity on FB for your practice, please get in touch with our team by calling +353 86 2043415 or email